Q) What would be my minimum English requirement to go to Australia?

A) Usually you should score IELTS 5.5 or above. You may need to score even more, depending on the requirements of your university.

Q) What if I have no A/L’s?

A) You can still proceed, with a combining certificate IV course with an associate Degree or Degree program. You also have the option of completing an equivalent foundation program or higher school certificate in Australia equivalent to A/L.

Q) What is my fee to AEC?

A) Usually all services are free including student counseling. However, for certain services such as expertise from a registered migration agent for certain refusal and appeal cases, or extra services requested by a student, may arise an extra fee.

Q) Why AEC?

A) AEC is a company based on quality and reliability. As a subsidiary of Multinational Holdings Australia, we are competent, and we provide the best service. We will guide you, from the day we meet, to the day you reach your destination. As we have our two offices in Australia, You can seek for help in accommodation, Part time jobs or other related matters. You will be connected to us as just as you were in Sri Lanka.

Q) Can I apply for the PR?

A) Certainly yes. Once you complete two Academic years (1.5 years) of your study, you may apply for the PR providing you fulfill other requirements including your skills and age etc.

Q) Who can sponsor me?

A) Your parents, siblings, grand parents, Aunts and uncles who are permanent residents in Australia may sponsor you individually or jointly. If it’s your aunts and uncles, they should be your blood relatives. The advantage of your uncles or aunts in Australia sponsoring you is that unlike in Sri Lanka, they can show equity from their house.

Q) Do you arrange loans?

A) Yes, we do. We arrange you loans from financial Institutes registered under Central bank of Sri Lanka.

Q) Is there an age limit?

A) No. Even at 55 you can apply for student visa depending on your situation.

Q) Can I work while I study?

A) Yes, you can. You may work part- time; up to 20 hours per week while studying, and you have the privilege of working full time during vacations.

If you have any other questions of Australian Education, Please call 011 5 500 100